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Reflexology & Massages

The expert services we offer include reflexology, hand, foot, back, shoulder and body massage, in a range of styles, including traditional Baliness massage.

Best Reflexology and Massages in Ubud

We offer a range of reflexology and massages in Ubud, including foot and hand massages, full body Balinese massage, and four-hand massages.


120min Foot, Hand & Nail Pampering
Rp 425,000

Hand & Foot Massage, Hand & Foot Scrub, OPI Pedicure & Manicure, OPI Nail Polish (STD)


30min Hand Massage Oil
Rp 70,000
60min Hand Massage Oil
Rp 130,000
40min Hand Massage & Scrub
Rp 135,000
30min Foot Massage Oil
Rp 80,000
60min Foot Massage Oil
Rp 150,000
50min Foot Massage & Scrub
Rp 140,000
30min Foot Reflexology Massage
Rp 75,000
60min Foot Reflexology Massage
Rp 145,000
60min Foot, Head, Hand & Shoulders
Rp 150,000
90min Foot, Head, Hand & Shoulders
Rp 215,000
60min Full Body Balinese Massage
Rp 195,000
90min Full Body Balinese Massage
Rp 275,000
120min Full Body Balinese Massage
Rp 345,000
90min Full Body Balinese Massage + Body Scrub
Rp 295,000
60min Four Hand Reflexology
Rp 275,000

(Foot, Hand, Back & Shoulders)

60min Four Hand Full Body Balinese Massage
Rp 345,000

(Foot, Hand, Back & Shoulders)

Our other services

Every treatment at our Nail Salon Ubud focused on your needs, with service and cleanliness as a key focus.
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Special Offer

Free 30-minute Reflexology Treatment

Get a Free 30-minute Reflexology Treatment when you book any Nail Treatment. Mention “Tranquility” in the additional comments when you book online to confirm this blissful benefit. This special offer is valid until December 2021.
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